Roof Restoration in Melbourne

Our company, which is located in Melbourne, always tries to meet the standards of the city. In the end, Melbourne was recognized as one of the best cities in the world to live. Despite this, sometimes breakdowns occur in houses, and you need roof restoration companies. And we know that we do it better than others. Because we do not address the same problem twice. We restore the roofs in Melbourne once and for all.

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Full Roof Restoration

We specialise in Full Roof Restorations and giving your roof a brand new look. We take pride in our “Full Resto” service and we love seeing the result of our work transforming the look of the houses around Melbourne. Our Full Resto service includes pressure washing, full re-bedding and pointing of all hips and gables, replacing all broken tiles, replacing valleys and putting valley seals, cleaing the gutters, painting with our 4-coat sealing system which includes primer, sealer, and double coat paint. We also provide at least 6 additional painted tiles and paint for your future use. We also remove all the rubbish and clean the surroundings after we finish our job. Once we finish our Full Resto, your roof will look like brand new and your house will look so much fresher. We recommend this service to people who would like to give their house a “face lift” or people looking to sell their property. Fresh roof will increase your property’s worth substantially!  

Pressure washing

Let’s be honest moss on the roof does not look good. It damages the whole look of your house. Plus moss can damage the tiles over time, make valleys rusty and block the gutters causing leaks and other issues. So it is best to get your roof pressure cleaned and get rid of moss. Also most terracotta tiles will look brand new after pressure washing. As part of our Pressure Washing service we pressure clean your tiles and ridges, remove all the moss, leaves and other rubbish from your roof, and clean the gutters. We also hose down the dirt from outside the gutters, fascias, windows, walls, and surrounding areas leaving your roof and your house spotless.



Others Services

Roof painting

If you want to make your roof unique and give it an original look, then our company is ready to provide you with a roof painting service. We will provide you with services at a convenient time for you, which you can discuss in advance with our managers when placing an order.

Roof repair in Melbourne

Our company is a leader in the repair of roofs in Melbourne. This is evidenced by the statistics with which you can find on our page.